Events at St George's

St George's Holcombe

Although Church of England services were suspended owing to Covid-19, Holy Communion and Morning Prayer is held on alternate Sundays at 09.30   No singing is permitted and the service will be rather shorter than normal, hand sanitising and face coverings are required. To preserve social distancing no social interaction is permitted, so refreshments are not provided after the service and toilet provision is stricly available for emergency use only. All the church social functions are in abeyance.
To preserve social distancing numbers are very limited; so, you are urged to reserve a seat(s) and it is recommended to telephone St. Gregory's Church Office between 12 and 2 PM on the preceding Wednesday. 01626 864322.
On arrival at the church, if there is space and you have not reserved a seat, you will be asked to register your details (for the purpose of Track & Trace, if necessary); and you will be directed to a seat by a steward, only if a space is available. Please follow all the directions of the stewards.
The monthly calendar of services may be found in the current edition of TurretTimes.

St.George's Church Garden is open 24/7

Please contact the Rector in the event of Sickness, Bereavement or Spiritual Necessity
Revd. Dallas Ayling 01626 867386

The following pages reflect the historical pattern of worship at St. George's Church prior to the impact of Covid-19. Owning to several changes in the appointment of clergy in the Benefice since the adsvent of Covid-19, it is conjectural, at this stage, whether such a comprehensive order of worship will ever recommence.



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