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Let there be light!

New lighting has been installed in St Gregory’s church (18th June 2018).  The twelve Victorian pendants have been removed and 40 LED projectors now provide a welcoming ambience.  Many of the pleasing features of the church interior can be seen in all their glory, among them the Beer Stone pillars and the West Country typical barrel roofed ceilings in the nave and aisles.

Generous donations from parishioners and grants from Viridor, Devon Historic Churches Trust and Golden Bottle have gone a long way to meet the cost of the project – around £13000.


Mike Moulds, June 2018



Samara's Aid Appeal - Autumn 2018

Many readers of Coastline will know how this charity works. With minimal overheads, it sends aid to the displaced and traumatised peoples in Iraq, Syria and Jordan. Please read the separate article to see how the last aid distribution was carried out in Syria.

This is how it is going to work locally this time. Please read the following carefully:

We will be collecting new and used summer and winter clothes for all ages, male, female, baby.

Please note for this appeal only we will not be collecting any bedding or towels.

This is because new packers will be on board and we wish to simplify matters. Bedding has been the thing that has given us most headaches in past appeals!

This is how Samara’s Aid defines “new” and “used” – remember that all items are given as gifts.

“new” in packaging/on hanger/with tags still attached.

“used” freshly laundered/cleaned items, no marks, holes, wear, buttons missing. Zips working.

Remember that the bar is set much higher than what we might wear for “old” or what we might buy from a charity shop. Why? They are gifts of love to traumatised people who may very well have no access to laundry facilities or needle and thread. Each item must be worth its place in the lorry or container, which costs over £6,000 to spend. Something that will wear out quickly is a waste of the space. Samara has promised the distributors that only the best will be sent.

Items included in this Autumn HCMC Appeal

  1. All Season clothes, adult, child, baby, new and used; 2) New underwear in tags or in packaging;
  1. Used immaculate “Top half” underwear only; (No used “bottom half” underwear, even children’s.)
  2. Shoes and boots, polished, paired, immaculate. 5) Wheelchairs, Zimmer frames and crutches (paired)
  1. Moses baskets
  2. Disposable nappies, sanitary towels (no tampons) & incontinence pads in new unopened packaging
  3. Soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, all packs etc unopened.
  4. BANANA BOXES WITH LIDS – please collect as many as possible
  5. If you have any unopened medical supplies, please contact Chris before the end of August.


Please do not donate adult shorts for either sex, above the knee skirts, items with sleeveless or strappy tops, evening type clothes, shoes with high heels etc. Also, beware of any pictures on t shirts etc which might be unhelpful or inappropriate for traumatised people. Bear in mind the situation of the recipients. I (Chris) substituted a colouring book in a Smiley bag because the original was full of images of plump little children eating lovely food. If you are a child, whose home has been destroyed and you are not getting enough to eat, that might not be helpful.



Contact Details

Chris Curd – 07710159751; (not after 1st week of Sept for Appeal matters)

Tracy Orr (C/W St Greg’s) – 07792298005;

Tim Collins (HCMC curate)  – 862383, 07449111663;


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