Building Project at St George's

St  Georges Holcombe North Side Building Provect, providing 21st century facilities to our 19th century church.

More Details in June 2017 the Special Turret Times

and extracts  from  earlier TT's

Building Project Finance


As at the beginning of June, the total raised for the building project was just over £40,000. Full details can be obtained from the treasurer, Mr Peter Dummett,


This has come from individual donations from members of the congregation, from the Friends of St George’s, from fund raising and from legacies, as well as a £5,000 grant via a local councillor. Further grants are being applied for.


The original estimates indicated the project would be in the region of £70,000, but current quotations from builders indicate that unsurprisingly, it will be more than that. The building project group will be able to give more information later in the summer along with details of further fund raising.


We were very grateful for the fund-raising efforts of the Residents’ Association when we renewed the south side of the main church roof in 2015. We are also very grateful for the many letters of support we have received in support of this project and there are regular updates in the Holcombe magazine which is delivered free to every household in the District.


If anyone would like to suggest or undertake a fund-raising project, please contact the “vicar”, Chris Curd,

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